Prospective Students

Welcome to Royal Media College Here, we are enthusiastic about your interest in our diploma programs. We offer diploma in diverse areas of journalism, communication as well as language studies. Read more

What We Offer

Students at the Journalism School have many opportunities to learn the skills needed to excel in broadcast journalism and tell stories in video or audio. Students can learn on­-air skills, take a radio or podcasting class, experiment with virtual reality and hone the techniques that are essential to working in a digital newsroom.

Be Involved Wtih Student Media

The Royal Media College is a fertile learning ground for all journalism students, whether they are on the news and info or strategic communication track. We make your road to professionalism fun and smooth.


Media Crossroads

Do you have a fun idea for TV and want to turn it into a reality? Media Crossroads could be for you. Media Crossroads produces more than a dozen shows or segments created by students.

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